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If you or a family member needs a physical exam, look no further than Primary Care of Venice. The team of experienced primary care physicians provides comprehensive physicals to patients in and around Venice, Florida, among a full array of other primary care services. Call the office to schedule a physical or request an appointment online today.

Physicals Q & A

Why do you need annual physicals?

Routine physicals focus on your health, emphasizing disease and illness prevention. A yearly or annual physical exam keeps your care up-to-date and provides guidance on reducing your risk for disease. Your doctor can give you information and motivation to stop smoking, lose unhealthy pounds, or manage risk factors like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Your Primary Care of Venice provider can also manage your medications and make sure your prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements don’t interact. They can also help you manage potential side effects.

Physicals are also an excellent time to update immunizations. You might need a new vaccine or a booster shot.

Are there different types of physicals?

Physical exam

A visual inspection of your eyes, ears, and throat will help your doctor spot any potential issues. Lightly touching areas like your abdomen and back will accomplish this as well. They’ll also check your vital signs, such as your temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate. These create a baseline for your overall wellness.

Routine Physicals 

Screenings and preventive care might include prostate exams, mammograms, cervical exams, colon cancer screening, bone density tests, and testing for other common conditions and diseases. Routine urine tests are typically ordered for specific needs and symptoms.

Sports Physicals

Sports-related physical exams are often required for children and teens who play sports in school before the sports season begins.

School Physicals

During school physicals, your doctor will comprehensively check your child's body. This usually includes recording height and weight, taking pulse and blood pressure readings, and checking the heart, lungs, abdomen, eyes, ears, skin, nose, mouth, teeth, and throat. 

You can also update your child’s immunizations.

DOT Physicals

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires you to pass a head-to-toe physical exam if you operate a commercial vehicle. These physicals ensure you’re physically and mentally healthy enough to drive heavy machinery.

Your primary care provider may order follow-up testing, including cancer screenings, specialized bloodwork, or EKG, depending on your health history, symptoms, or risk factors for some diseases.

If you or a family member needs an annual physical or other type of physical exam, call the Primary Care of Venice to schedule your visit. Or request an appointment online at your earliest convenience.